Whispp Featured on Popular Tech Podcast Doubletap

DailyMail UK: “App that gives stroke victims their voice”.

More than a third of stroke survivors experience significant struggles with speech and language, primarily due to damage to their facial muscles. Individuals with Parkinson’s disease encounter similar difficulties as those recovering from throat cancer, often resulting in a loss of clear speech. Understanding the profound impact of this on one’s quality of life, Whispp has stepped forward with an innovative application designed to transform whispered or impaired speech into audible and clear sentences.

Our application leverages cutting-edge AI technology, meticulously trained on the voices of thousands of individuals with altered speech patterns. This enables us to offer users the ability to communicate effortlessly, with their words being reproduced clearly in less than a second. Joris Castermans, the founder of Whispp, emphasizes that our technology is more than just a tool; it’s a bridge to overcoming the isolation often accompanying speech-impairing conditions. Whether it’s enabling individuals with a severe stutter to engage in fluid conversations or allowing those with barely audible voices to connect over the phone, Whispp is here to make a difference.

The relevance of this technology in today’s world cannot be overstated, and it has garnered attention from prestigious platforms like the @Daily Mail UK, highlighting its impact at the forefront of health tech innovation. For those interested in exploring the full extent of Whispp’s capabilities and the stories behind its creation, we invite you to read the complete article on the Daily Mail UK website.

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