Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)

As a Speech-Language Pathologist you know very well how emotional and impactful it is for your patients to have a voice disability. You wish them all the best and want to also provide them with help when treatments and therapy are complete.

Test Whispp yourself
In order to provide patients with the best possible advice, we understand that you first want to test Whispp yourself. Download the app for free and test Whispp with your own whispered voice or by mimicking an affected voice.

Download Whispp on patients phone
We developed Whispp especially with elderly in mind. Although the app is very easy to use, simply downloading it can feel as a barriere for less tech savvy patients. Therefore please download the Whispp app directly on your patient’s phone by scanning the appropriate QR code on your desktop screen. They can test all features of the app in the free trial period.

Voice banking
Just after diagnosis, stimulate your patients to record their voice with their Whispp app to create and secure their personal Whispp voice.

Interested in Whispp?

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Our partners

Whispp is a Dutch startup. We believe it is important to work in an ethically and scientifically based manner. That is why we work together with the following patient associations, professional organizations and academic partners.