About us

Our vision

Watch in the video below how we want to enable you to speak freely in your daily life and work in the future.

Why are we doing it?

Whispp founder Joris Castermans has stuttered all his life.

“As a child and especially as an adolescent in high school, it bothered me a lot. I was shy, felt socially isolated and found it difficult to make friends.”

For 3 years, the Whispp team has been working with speech therapists and other professionals to develop a solution for people with voice disorders.

Want to help?

The idea for Whispp that Joris had in 2018 finds its origin in the fact that when stuttering people whisper, they are relaxed and can speak (almost) fluently.

We then learned that Whispp is also valuable for people with a voice disability who lost their voice due to illness, trauma or old age people who need a boost for their voice.

The team

Joris Castermans


Akash Raj


Sylvia Lorente van Berge Henegouwen


Tatsu Matsushima

AI Researcher & Developer

Thom Leenman

Software Engineer

Erik Minhas

Full Stack Software Developer

Jorn van Dijk

Senior iOS Developer

Floor van Heerwaarden

AI Researcher

Malou Dusseldorp

Speech Therapist

Zino Schubert

Technical Support

Kenjiro Lolling

Program Marketing Manager

Mariia Zamyrove

AI Research Intern

Our partners

Whispp is a Dutch startup. We believe it is important to work in an ethically and scientifically based manner. That is why we work together with the following patient associations, professional organizations and academic partners.