Whispp Featured on Popular Tech Podcast Doubletap

Whispp highlighted by Forbes

Forbes spotlighted Whispp for its innovative voice-assisted AI technology, designed to transform the lives of individuals with speech disorders. Forbes’ senior tech contributor, @Jennifer Kite-Powell, delves into how Whispp is leveraging artificial intelligence to provide a voice for those who struggle to be heard.

Joris Castermans, CEO of Whispp, told Forbes about their app’s significant impact on its users. By reducing stuttering frequency by an average of 85% and aiding individuals with conditions like spasmodic dysphonia, Whispp aims to improve communication abilities and quality of life.

The app’s real-time assistive voice technology has been praised for its ability to create a more inclusive society by allowing those with speech disorders to participate fully in social and professional environments.

Castermans emphasized the importance of self-expression and Whispp’s role in facilitating more relaxed and fluent speech.

Forbes’ coverage highlights Whispp’s contribution to assistive voice technology and its potential to revolutionize communication for individuals facing challenges with speech.

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