For work and school

If you have a voice disorder that leaves you with (almost) no voice or a severe stutter, it can hinder you considerably in your work. You can be less yourself and speaking takes a lot of energy every day. With Whispp you can speak more clearly and relaxed with colleagues, clients and other contacts during your work.

Reimbursement options for Whispp

Currently, it is possible to get Whispp reimbursed in the Netherlands. If you want to use Whispp free of charge for your work or school situation, you can apply for Whispp as a facility from the UWV. This is possible both if you work for an employer and if you are self-employed. C
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Other countries:
We are working hard to provide the best options for reimbursement of Whispp in other countries. If you would like assistance during this process in your country, please email us at


Whispp desktop app


Online meetings with the Whispp app on your computer, in combination with your favorite video conferencing platform. Your speech sounds clearer and more pleasant for the other person.

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