Whispp Featured on Popular Tech Podcast Doubletap

Whispp Featured on Popular Tech Podcast

We’re excited to announce that Whispp was recently featured in a captivating episode hosted by Steven and Shaun. The episode provides listeners with a comprehensive understanding of Seeing AI’s latest developments, demonstrated by the knowledgeable Thomas Domville.
Listener Lena also brings valuable insights into the mix, presenting the Smithsonian app’s functionalities on her iPhone and addressing the current discourse on screen reader speed adjustments during reviews.

A significant highlight for us was the segment dedicated to Whispp during Steven’s recap of his experience at CES in Amsterdam. Our revolutionary application, which aids individuals who stutter or are undergoing voice loss, was put in the spotlight. We are humbled and thrilled by the attention showcasing how Whispp is making strides in tech.

Stay tuned for their upcoming CES Amsterdam special on the 21st of October. It promises a wealth of information and intriguing interviews.