Stuttering is a speech disorder that affects millions of people worldwide

Speech Technology Magazine: Introducing Whispp’s AI-powered Mobile Speech App

At Whispp, we’re excited to announce the alpha launch of our new speech app for iOS. Built on our proprietary AI technology, our app transforms whispered or impaired speech into the user’s natural voice, instantly. This innovative solution is designed to bring down communication barriers, providing support and empowerment to individuals with voice impairments.

Our founder and CEO, Joris Castermans, has personally experienced the challenges of speech impairment. This inspired the creation of Whispp and drives our commitment to make communication accessible and inclusive.

Not only does our app transform speech, but it also opens up a unique opportunity for everyone to contribute. We invite you to lend your voice to our mission, helping us to improve and diversify our AI models. Together, we can ensure that everyone, regardless of their speech ability, has the chance to express themselves and be understood.

If you’re a speech therapist, our app can be an invaluable tool to support your patients. It can supplement traditional therapy, monitor progress, and encourage practice outside of therapy sessions.

Join us on our mission to give a voice to millions. Download our app, contribute your voice, and let’s make a future where everyone can fully express themselves.

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