Stuttering is a speech disorder that affects millions of people worldwide

Building the Business with your voice: be heard!


We had the pleasure of having Joris, founder of Whispp, interviewed by JPP.

Joris shared his dream of having Whispp in every smartphone, reaching as many people as possible who could benefit from this incredible solution. He also offered some valuable advice to future founders: listen to the patient, think big, start small, and do thorough funding research.

“At Whispp, the most important thing is to help users with voice disorders and to hear their stories.”

In conclusion, Joris says: “The most important thing for me is to help the users. I feel delighted when I have conversations with our current users, who tell me that it’s much easier to have a conversation now. It is why I am so dedicated to Whispp: to help people with voice disorders and hear those stories.”