Join Whispp at CES 2024

Pioneering assistive voice technology

CES Innovation Award winning real-time assistive voice technology & calling app that converts whispered speech (people who stutter severely then speak relaxed) and affected speech (throat cancer, vocal cord paralysis, ALS) into a person’s clear, natural voice. For non-patients, Whispp enables silent and confidential phone and video calls.

Whispp invites you to explore groundbreaking advancements in assistive voice technology at CES 2024. Witness firsthand how we’re transforming the communication landscape for individuals with voice impairments and people who stutter.

Innovating for inclusivity

Discover Whispp’s latest feature: real-time phone calls. Our technology seamlessly transforms whispered or impaired speech into clear, natural-sounding audio. It’s not just a technological breakthrough; it’s a step towards a more inclusive world.

Why Whispp matters

  • Voice Empowerment: Whispp’s AI-driven solutions offer new hope to over 300 million people globally with voice disabilities.

  • Real-Time Communication: Unlike traditional text-to-speech methods, Whispp provides immediate voice conversion, facilitating natural and seamless conversations.

  • Personalized Voice Options: Users can recreate their unique voice, ensuring personalization and familiarity in every interaction.

Strategic partnerships

Whispp is actively seeking collaborations with:

  • Telecommunication Companies: We’re looking to partner with leading telecommunication firms to integrate Whispp’s technology into their services. This collaboration aims to provide enhanced communication solutions for customers with voice-related challenges, ensuring clear and accessible voice communication
  • Healthcare Providers: Partnering with healthcare organizations and professionals, including hospitals and clinics, Whispp aims to offer its technology as a vital tool for patients with voice impairments. This collaboration would facilitate better patient-provider communication and aid in speech therapy and rehabilitation. 
  • Assistive Technology Firms: We are open to forming alliances with companies specializing in assistive technologies. By integrating Whispp’s solutions, new offerings can be developed, providing innovative communication aids to those with voice disabilities.

Connect with Whispp’s Innovators at CES 2024

Meet our CEO, Joris Castermans, and our team to learn about Whispp’s journey and our vision for the future. Discover how we plan to make Whispp a standard feature in smartphones and video conferencing platforms.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the future of assistive voice technology. Book a meeting with our team at CES 2024 and explore partnership opportunities.