Whispp at CES 2024

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CES Innovation Award winning real-time assistive voice technology & calling app that converts whispered speech (people who stutter severely then speak relaxed) and affected speech (throat cancer, vocal cord paralysis, ALS) into a person’s clear, natural voice. For non-patients, Whispp enables silent and confidential phone and video calls.

Microsoft CEO visits Whispp booth

Enjoying the ongoing excitement at #CES2024Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella dropped by the Netherlands Tech Pavilion to connect with our Whispp team. We showcased our real-time assistive voice technology, a game-changer for 300 million people worldwide dealing with vocal-impaired speech and severe stuttering.

NHK – Japan

The recent feature of Whispp on NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation represents a pivotal moment for assistive voice technology globally.

This coverage by one of Japan’s most esteemed public broadcasters highlights the innovative strides in this field and underscores the growing worldwide recognition of the need for such technologies. It clearly indicates that the world is paying attention to how we can make communication more accessible and inclusive for individuals with speech impairments.

On the screen, you can read the following message:


“A service specially made for people who have speech disorders.”

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