Whispp’s highlights at MWC 2024

Pioneering assistive voice technology

Mobile World Congress 4YFN top-5 finalist, real-time assistive voice technology & calling app that converts whispered speech (people who stutter severely then speak relaxed) and affected speech (throat cancer, vocal cord paralysis, ALS) into a person’s clear, natural voice. For non-patients, Whispp enables silent and confidential phone and video calls.

It’s a wrap! Check our highlights from #MWC24 & #4YFN!

Our beloved team members Joris CastermansAkash Raj KomarluTatsu Matsushima and 👨‍💻 Thom Leenman have:

✨ Engaged with 500+ visitors
✨ Given 350+ demos
✨ Met 1000s of inspiring people
✨ And yes, countless cups of coffee! ☕

Our highlights include:

– Winning the #Pitch2Pitch award 🏆.
– Receiving the Best of MWC award from Android Authority.
– Being a finalist at 4YFN.

We’re proud to have pitched on the main stage of 4YFN, affirming the impact of our innovative solutions in the digital startup world.

Congratulations to Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech on winning the top spot! Your success is inspiring and celebrates the vibrant community we’re all part of.

“It was an exciting and very successful ride at MWC and 4YFN for Whispp! We made amazing progress in setting up collaborations with several major telco operators and mobile phone manufacturers to implement Whispp in their services and devices. Many thanks to our investors for their support and commitment! Let’s take Whispp to the next level!” – says Joris.

A big shout-out to GSMA4YFN, and all the fantastic people we met. Your insights and connections are invaluable.

As 4YFN marks a decade of connecting founders with investors, Whispp’s recognition adds to this legacy. This is more than an accolade; it celebrates technology that enriches lives.

Are you interested in partnerships or learning more about our journey? Let’s connect: hello@whispp.com 📧