Whispp Featured on Popular Tech Podcast Doubletap

Whispp interviewed by DOQ.nl

DOQ.nl is a vital hub where over 17,000 doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare experts have shared their valuable insights for over a decade. Our feature on such a renowned site underscores the relevance and potential of Whispp’s mission to facilitate communication for individuals with speech and voice difficulties.

This recognition is optimistic for Whispp’s future. It validates our efforts and broadens our reach in the medical and healthcare community. Being spotlighted on DOQ enhances our visibility among professionals integral to our users’ support system, opening doors to numerous opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Looking ahead, we are particularly excited about the prospect of strengthening our ties with speech therapists. The intersection of our technology with their expertise presents a powerful pathway to enhancing the lives of those we aim to serve. Saskia Engbers’s feature catalyzes this ambition, providing a platform for meaningful dialogue and partnership between Whispp and the wider speech therapy community.

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