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Express yourself with Whispp

The smart speech amplifier for people with a voice disorder

Whispp changes your life

Losing your voice has a major impact on your life and your sense of happiness. It’s an obstacle in your social contacts and work. Speaking every day also takes a lot of energy.

Your voice needs a boost, especially during conversations in noisy environments, on the phone or with video calls. That’s Whispp.

Your voice. Part of who you are.

Have you lost your voice due to illness, trauma or old age? Then try Whispp. Our mission is to make your life easier and more fun!

Smartly amplified. Even if you whisper.

Whispp is not just a speech amplifier. Our smart audio technology makes your voice – no matter how hoarse and soft – more intelligible and more pleasant to listen to. Even in noisy environments.

No fuss. Whispp is always with you.

Whispp works with your smartphone. All you need is a microphone and a wireless speaker or ear buds. A birthday or a bike ride, wherever you go, Whispp goes. Discover the convenience!

What does Whispp do?

Discover the various options that Whispp offers you to make yourself understood anytime and anywhere.


Conversations in noisy situations

Intelligible phone calls

Video calling on your mobile

Meetings via your favourite platform

Whispp in daily life

Hear what they say about Whispp

You can connect the Whispp app to a wireless microphone. Via wireless earplugs, I can chat with my husband again when we are on the road in our old and noisy camper.



Vocal cord paralysis as a complication of major neck surgery.

Whispering is very pleasant and relaxing for me. During video calls for work, I select Whispp as the microphone on my laptop. My whispered speech then sounds clearer and more pleasant on the other side.



Spasmodic dysphonia that manifested at 25.

Due to my complete laryngectomy, my voice does not come through on phone calls with my smartphone. Now I can easily call my daughter quickly again.



Throat cancer after which the entire larynx is removed.