How does it work?

Whispp’s smart audio technology digitally adjusts the sound of your speech on the smartphone and laptop. It works without delay in three steps.

For smartphone and desktop

The Whispp app will be available soon on your smartphone for both iOS and Android and on your laptop for Windows.

Talk on the phone

With Whispp you can reach anyone on a mobile or landline number. The other person does not have to download the app. You can ask family or friends to do so. This is free for them, and that way, they can always reach you on your Whispp app.

Live conversations

Your smartphone functions as a speech amplifier with Whispp. You can choose to play the sound through the phone’s speaker or through wireless earphones. With the wireless whip microphone from Whispp you can be heard everywhere, even in noisy environments.

Video calling

To make video calls, send a link via WhatsApp, for example. If the recipient clicks on this, the conversation opens. Anyone who has installed the Whispp app will receive a notification in the app and can start the video conversation immediately.

Also on your laptop

After installing the Whispp desktop app, first log in with your Whispp account. After selecting the Whispp microphone, you can meet with any desired video conferencing platform. This makes your voice sound much clearer and more pleasant.

Our audio technology

Whispp’s smart audio technology digitally improves the sound of your speech on the smartphone and laptop. It works without delay in three steps.

Boost volume

Your speech is brought to an easily intelligible volume. It is equal to the volume of a “healthy” voice.

Smoothening too loud and shrill sounds

Of course we make sure that the other person’s hearing is protected. The sounds are also more pleasant to listen to.

Noise Reduction

The volume boost also creates annoying noise. This is filtered out, resulting in a relaxed conversation.